Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2 Vs Gen 3

Today, Tesla is the leader in the EV market. The company’s vehicles are dependable, sleek, and powerful. Furthermore, Tesla has created some of the most reliable EV chargers so owners can conveniently charge their vehicles at home. Two of the most popular models include the Gen 2 model and the Gen 3 model. It would be wise to learn more about the different generations so you’ll know which one is best.

What makes the Gen 3 charger better than the previous model? Find out below.


The most obvious difference is the fact that the Generation 3 charger has a unique appearance. The charger features a glass display and a white background. The brand name is still on the surface. The Gen 2 EV charger from Tesla features a plastic cover. It is either black or silver.

Amount Of Power

Surprisingly, the Gen 2 connector is more powerful than the Gen 3 charger. Regardless, this may be deceptive. The Gen 2 charger can send a maximum of 80 amps to the  EV while the Gen 3 charger can only handle 48 amps. Does this actually matter? In reality, it doesn’t matter because electric vehicles can only charge at 48 amps. In fact, this means that the Generation 3 Charger is safer because it will be less likely to get hot.

Length Of The Cable

In some ways, the Gen 2 charger is better than the newer model. This is the case when it comes to the length of the cable. With the Gen 3 charger, you’ll only have 18 feet of cord to play with. You’ll have to pay closer to the charger. The Gen 2 charger is superior in this category because it offers 24 feet of cable.

Size Of The Cable

The Gen 3 charger is better in this category. People who have used the Gen 2 charger know how difficult it is to handle the cable because it is so heavy and bulky. It is hard to lift and roll back up when you’ve finished charging. The Gen 3 cable is easier to deal with because it is lighter and thinner. Despite being so much smaller, the cable is still durable.

Wi-Fi Capabilities

What about Wi-Fi compatibility? If you’d like to control your charger from your smartphone, you’ll need to upgrade to the Gen 3 charger. It can be tricky to get the charger to connect to the app, but this isn’t possible with the Gen 2 charger. With the Gen 3 charger, you’ll be able to monitor the progress from anywhere in your home by using your phone.

What About Load Sharing?

Then Gen 2 charger was limited in this area because you could only share the load with four units. The Gen 3 charger is much better since it can support up to 16 devices.

Final Cost

Are you going to pay significantly more to upgrade to the Gen 3 charger? No. The good news is that the price is still $500. You will pay the same whether you want the older model or the newer Gen 3 charger.

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