200 Amp Service Panel Upgrade

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Many homes do not have 200 amp service panels. You may not need a 200-amp panel although you could in certain situations. It depends on your current needs and whether you’re preparing for a new appliance or addition to your home. If any of the following is true, you may need to upgrade to a 200 amp service panel.

  • Your current panel isn’t big enough and cannot accommodate the electrical needs of your family.
  • The existing panel is unsafe. If you’re experiencing a lot of trips, upgrading may be a good idea.

We understand that you may have difficulty deciding whether you should upgrade to a bigger panel. After all, many consumers know very little about residential electrical systems. Rest comfortably knowing that we’re here to help. All you have to do is call the office of H&A Pittsburgh Electrician. Our representative will help you find the answers that you need.

What Does Our Panel Upgrade Include?

We strongly recommend working with H&A Pittsburgh Electrician because you’ll get your money’s worth with us. If you take advantage of our 200 amp panel upgrade service, you’ll receive the following benefits.

  • We will help you obtain the necessary permits to upgrade your panel.
  • The cost of labor will be covered by the overall price.
  • We’ll install a brand-new 200 amp service panel that is equipped with 12 breakers. We use Square D and Siemens panels.
  • All required equipment and supplies are included.
  • We’ll remove and dispose of the old electrical panel for you.

Why Would You Want To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

Ultimately, may never need to upgrade your electrical panel. However, there may come a time when it is a good idea to do so. If you’re doing any of the following, you should call us to get your electrical panel upgraded.

  • You’re installing a new air conditioner.
  • You want to add a pool, spa, or hot tub to your property.
  • You’re getting ready to renovate your kitchen.
  • You’d like to add a new room or sunroom to your home.
  • You’re going to be installing a new refrigerator in your kitchen.
  • Your current electrical system doesn’t have enough capacity to cover the needs of your family.
  • Your electrical breakers have been tripping too often.

Get A Free Estimate

We understand that our clients are worried about the costs of upgrading to a 200 amp electrical panel. This is why we encourage locals to get a free estimate from us. Call today and tell us more about your needs. We’ll give you a free, binding quote with no obligation.

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