Landscape Lighting

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Landscape lighting is important for a handful of reasons. Besides making your home safer, landscape lighting can improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. Some people will install a handful of solar lights and say they’re finished. This is only a step in the right direction. Outdoor lighting systems should be more complex because they offer so many benefits. A comprehensive outdoor lighting system will make your home safer and more valuable.

Ultimately, you can use outdoor lighting for a variety of purposes including those mentioned below.

  • The outdoor lights can highlight a focal point such as a tree or shrub.
  • It can showcase a water fountain or pond.
  • The lighting can be used to make guests more comfortable during outdoor parties.
  • Outdoor lighting will make it safer to reach your home at night.
  • Your home will be more valuable.
  • You can make the walkway brighter and safer.
  • Outdoor lighting will help keep criminals at bay.

Outdoor lighting is a must for any homeowner. With a few lights, you can turn a boring backyard into something magical. Besides using conventional lights, you can take advantage of colored lights to make your home stand out. Swimming pools, plants, and other items can be highlighted by using an adequate outdoor lighting system. You likely spend a lot of time working in your garden and keeping up your landscape.

If people can’t see it, you’re likely wasting your time. Show off your hard work by installing a suitable outdoor lighting system. We can help you install solar lights and wired lights so you can display your work day and night. When we work with our clients, we attempt to achieve several goals with their outdoor lighting systems.

  • We’ll make sure the lights aren’t too bright or too dim. Otherwise, the lights will become a distraction for people driving by.
  • The lighting system should not brighten your neighbor’s property.
  • The system shouldn’t make it difficult to see the stars.
  • Although you’ll want a suitable lighting system, it shouldn’t increase your electricity bill.

We can also install automatic systems to ensure that they’ll turn on and off depending on the amount of natural light outside. If you’re interested in protecting your home from criminals, we’ll help you install several motion sensor lights. We only use the highest quality lights and fixtures to ensure that your system will last a lifetime.

Here at H&A Pittsburgh Electrician, we’re always ready to help. More importantly, we’re not going to stop until you’re satisfied with our work. Call today to get help setting up the perfect outdoor lighting system for your property.

Questions About Landscape Lighting

Is It Possible To Illuminate My Lawn?

You can easily illuminate your lawn using landscape lighting. However, you have to be careful about overdoing it. After all, you don’t want to bother your neighbors or people driving by.

What Should I Know About Line Voltage Lighting?

Lamps and many ceiling fixtures fit into this category. If you have a line voltage light, it means that the light is running on the home’s voltage line. It doesn’t use a transformer.

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