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Renovating a building can be an uphill battle because you’ll have to juggle so many activities. Before undertaking a renovation project, it may be a good idea to have your electrical system inspected. In some cases, the system may need to be upgraded to accommodate bigger electrical needs. Our company can help because we offer service panel upgrades. Renovations are often carried out on older buildings so there are major risks involved. If you encounter aluminum wires or cloth-insulated wires, it is best to call us.

  • You may be working in a home that was built before the 1950s. Unfortunately, this means that you’re likely going to encounter an outdated wiring system. If you notice that cloth is used as insulation for the wires, you have a serious problem on your hands. The cloth insulation will become brittle and fall from the wire. Once this happens, the risk of a spark and fire is extremely high. Let us replace the wires.
  • You’ll also need to look for aluminum wiring. This type of wiring was primarily used during the 60s and 70s. Unfortunately, it can cause fires as well. The material tends to expand and shrink when exposed to temperature changes. This will loosen the connections and cause a spark.
  • During the renovation, you may find that you need to increase the capacity of your home’s electrical system. To achieve this goal, you’ll probably need to upgrade to a new electrical panel. We strongly recommend letting a professional handle this for you because there are so many risks involved. We can help evaluate your family’s electrical needs. If you need a new service panel, we’ll install it for you.
  • In other situations, you may decide to add new circuits to your panel. This is a good idea when building a new room or installing a new appliance. Again, this can be a risky project so it is best to let a professional do it for you. We offer this service so don’t delay calling our office.

Whether you’re preparing for a full renovation or a kitchen remodel, consider talking to one of our experts. Don’t attempt to mess with the electrical system on your own because you could get electrocuted. Instead, you’ll want to let us help you. We can upgrade your existing electrical panel or upgrade it with a few new circuits. Call to find out more about our services.

FAQs – Home Remodeling & Renovating

What Does Home Electrical System Renovation Entail?

A full electrical renovation replaces all components that complete the system. The electrical 120- and 240-volt wires, single and double post breakers, emergency cut-off switch, receptacles, and switches.

What Electrical Components Should Be Replaced During Home Renovation?

It truly depends on the type of renovation. If the project targets the lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, outlet & switch covers, and wall scones, it would be the perfect time to update a Federal Pacific Electric “FPE” service panel and breakers.

What Are The Benefits Of A Home Electrical System Renovation?

Upgrading an electrical system in a residential setting offers significant benefits. One specific benefit is improved energy usage. Modern electrical panels, breakers, and other components are designed to deliver electricity throughout the setting more affordably. Other benefits include a lower risk of electricity overload and power surges. A modern electrical system delivers cleaner energy.

Where Should An Electrical System Upgrade Start?

A complete electrical system renovation project should first target the service panel, followed by breakers, wires, and other components.

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