Ceiling Fan Installation

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Although ceiling fans aren’t as powerful as air conditioners, they still provide immense benefits. The fans are going to move air around the home so you can remain cool during the warm summer months. On the other hand, some ceiling fans will operate in reverse to make them feel warm in the winter. Our experts can install your ceiling fan. Call H&A Pittsburgh Electrician to get professional assistance!

Questions About Installing Ceiling Fans

Can A Ceiling Fan Add A Breeze To My Residence?

Adding a ceiling fan to your home will help create a breeze inside your home. The fan will also deal with perspiration on your skin so you don’t feel so hot. When you’re trying to stay cool, you’ll need to adjust the settings to ensure the blades are blowing air downward. The blades should be rotating counterclockwise. Some ceiling fans have a switch that changes the direction of the blades.

Once the blades are spinning clockwise, the fan will keep you warmer. Remember that warm air rises. Therefore, the fan will push the warm air downward. It is wise to change the setting every season to ensure that you can take full advantage of your ceiling fan. However, some fans do not have this feature.

Can Ceiling Fans Save Energy?

You may be able to save energy and money by using your ceiling fans. Ultimately, the motor in the ceiling fan will use less energy than your furnace and air conditioner. Therefore, it is wise to use your ceiling fan when possible. If you only need to use your ceiling fan, you will save money. Just make sure that you turn the fan off before exiting the room.

Are Ceiling Fans Valuable?

Ceiling fans can add value to your residence. Even if you’re not ready to sell, it is wise to take steps to maximize the value of your home. A beautiful ceiling fan will do the trick. Unfortunately, you’ll likely need to climb a ladder and that can be dangerous. Protect yourself by letting us help you. We offer ceiling fan installation services in Pittsburgh. Call to get started.

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