GFI Electrical Outlets

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Homeowners have to know more about GFI electrical outlets because they offer an extra layer of protection. An electrical current will always travel the path with the least resistance. If you stand outside in the rain with an electric radio, you could run into serious hazards. If the radio is pulled in using an extension cord, you could die. More agencies are recommending the installation of GFI or GFCI electrical outlets. These outlets should be installed in areas that could be exposed to water.

For instance, it would be a good idea to install GFI outlets near bathrooms, pools, and kitchens. These outlets are unique because they contain ground fault circuit interrupters. The mechanism is designed to monitor the current flowing to the circuit. If the current is no longer flowing to the correct circuit, the mechanism will immediately cut off the circuit. As a result, this could save someone’s life.

It is easy to identify GFCI outlets because they have a unique appearance. In particular, they have two buttons in the center. One button allows the user to test the GFCI to ensure it is working correctly. The other button resets the system. If the GFCI tripped accidentally, you can reset the button using the reset button. It is easy for the consumer.

Check your home to ensure that you have GFCI outlets in your garage, bathrooms, and kitchens. If you need to install more GFCI outlets, be sure to call our office. The experts at H&A Pittsburgh Electrician can install GFCI outlets for our clients.

Questions Regarding GFI Outlets

What Is The Purpose Of A GFI Outlet?

A GFCI outlet is unique because it features a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. In basic terms, the mechanism protects people from electrical shocks.

Where Can I Install GFI Outlets?

GFI outlets can be installed anywhere in the home. However, it is best to install them in areas that could be exposed to water such as bathrooms.

How Does The GFCI Outlet Work?

GFCI outlets are capable of detecting the electrical current. It monitors the current and ensures that it is being to the correct circuit. If it isn’t, the GFCI mechanism will shut down the circuit. Ultimately, this could help you avoid a fatal accident.

Why Can’t The GFCI Be Reset?

You may have difficulty resetting the GFCI on the outlet. Ultimately, this may mean that the outlet needs to be replaced.

What Does A Ground Fault Mean?

A ground fault could be serious. It happens when a hot wire touches a ground wire. Usually, this will cause a breaker to trip.

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