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Business owners can’t afford to deal with electrical issues. If the power goes out during office hours, you’re going to find yourself dealing with an absolute nightmare. Prevent this from happening by getting your system inspected and maintained regularly by our skilled technicians. H&A Pittsburgh Electrician is the leader in the industry so we can cover all of your electrical problems.

We serve commercial and residential customers. With our rich history of delivering satisfaction to our customers, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be happy with our performance. We’re licensed, bonded, and ready to begin working hard for you and your business so don’t hesitate to call us.

Questions About Commercial Electricians

What Makes Commercial Electricians Unique?

Remember that our commercial electricians stand apart from residential electricians.

  • The Impact On Your Business – If your electricity goes out, you may not be able to serve your customers. Unfortunately, this means that your business will lose revenue. Unless the problem is resolved swiftly, you’ll risk losing customers and going out of business.
  • Complex Network Wiring – Some businesses need network wiring due to their business needs. Network wiring is more complex making it too difficult for ordinary residential electricians. Our business can do it all so we’ll take care of it for you.
  • Updates To Lights – Your business may need to make updates to your existing lighting system. For instance, you may need more lights in your office or more parking lot lights. Regardless, our commercial electricians can install new lights to meet the unique needs of your business.
  • High-Capacity Surge Protectors – You may need to install new surge protectors in your business. Doing so is a good way to protect your equipment from power failures. Commercial surge protectors are expensive and difficult to install. Our technicians can handle it for you.
  • Installation Of Commercial Generators – A small gas-powered generator may cover the necessary appliances at home, but it won’t cut it at the office. You need a commercial generator to ensure that your workers can continue functioning even during a power outage.
  • Pertinent Service Calls – Your business needs help immediately because you’re losing money. We’ve got you covered. Our commercial electricians won’t waste time rushing to your office.
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