Electrical Troubleshooting

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When you encounter an electrical problem, there is a risk that it won’t be an easy fix. Instead, you may need to follow the wires until you identify the source of the problem. Although this is difficult for electricians, it may be impossible for average consumers. Suffice to say, you may not be able to resolve the problem on your own. Once you’ve encountered an unexplained electrical problem, consider calling H&A Pittsburgh Electrician.

Our experts will arrive at your home and begin troubleshooting the problem in a hurry. Once they’ve identified the cause of the problem, they’ll give you a free estimate. If you like our price, we can resolve the problem right away. Regardless, the first step is troubleshooting the problem and finding the cause.

We Offer Expert Assistance

Troubleshooting an electrical problem requires experience, patience, and expertise. This is why you’ll want to depend on our services. We train our technicians extensively to ensure that they can troubleshoot any problem. We can even handle the most complicated electrical issues. Usually, they will start at the problematic switch and work in reverse until they find the cause of the problem. In many cases, it is easier to fix the problem than it is to identify the source of the problem.

While working to find the source, our technician will tell you what is going on and what could be the problem. You’ll know exactly what is happening during each phase of the process. If you have any questions, we’ll do our best to answer them. We’ve been in business for many years so we know how to make our customers feel comfortable.

We’re transparent and easy to work with. You’ll always receive honest, straightforward answers when working with us. We believe we should be your first call when you’ve encountered an electrical problem. Call H&A Pittsburgh Electrician and we’ll send a team to your residence right away.

Questions About Troubleshooting Electrical Issues

How Does Troubleshooting Work?

It isn’t always easy to find the source of any electrical problem. In some cases, the cause of the problem is hidden behind drywall. It could be a loose connection or a broken wire. Regardless, you have to find the cause because you can fix the problem. Ultimately, this is what troubleshooting is all about. Troubleshooting is the first step because it helps identify the cause of the problem. The technician will start at the problem and trace the wire until they find the source.

After the source has been identified, the problem can be resolved. The latter step is usually easier than the first. We’re here to help. Our technicians have extensive training so they can troubleshoot any electrical problem you encounter. Let the experts at H&A Pittsburgh Electrician identify the source of your electrical problem.

Can Electrical Meters Be Used?

We often used electrical meters during the troubleshooting phase. Meters measure the voltage and determine which wires are hot. The meter can help figure out whether an outlet is working correctly. Either way, you’ll likely see our technician using an electrical meter when they’re trying to troubleshoot the problem.

Can I Make Troubleshooting An Electrical Problem Easier?

You might be able to troubleshoot the problem on your own, but it is pertinent to be cautious. If you touch a hot wire, you’re going to get electrocuted. The result could be fatal. If you want to troubleshoot the problem, avoid touching any wires until you’re positive that they’re not hot. If a breaker trips, start by unplugging everything and turning off the lights.

Turn on the breaker with everything off. Has the breaker tripped again? If so, you’re probably dealing with a circuit problem. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll need to replace the wiring. If the breaker doesn’t trip again, the problem is elsewhere. It might be one of the appliances you’re using or a faulty outlet.

You could also be overloading the circuit. Call our office to get professional, speedy help when you need it.

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