Knob And Tube Wiring

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Many years ago, electricity was a breakthrough. It truly changed the lives of people in the United States. Unfortunately, the technology hadn’t been perfected when it was first installed in homes across the country. One problem is the fact that many homes had knob and tube wiring. Homes built between 1880 and 1935 likely used this style of wiring. When using this type of system, the wires would pass through or over ceramic tubes. If you need help determining what type of system you have, call us. The experts at H&A Pittsburgh Electrician can find out in minutes.

Unfortunately, the entire knob and tube wiring system should be replaced because it can be downright dangerous. The system doesn’t keep up with today’s safety requirements. You’ll have difficulty trying to sell a home that still has a knob and tube wiring system. You may not be able to insure a home with this type of wiring system either. Replacing the system will make it safer and provide more capacity.

Questions About Replacing Knob And Tube Wiring

Why Are Knob And Tube Wiring Systems So Dangerous?

The problem with these systems is that the risk of fire and shock hazards is extremely high. Usually, these systems are not grounded so the problem is amplified. An electrical shock may happen due to a malfunctioning appliance. Since the system isn’t grounded, the excess voltage could kill you or destroy your appliance. All electrical systems should be adequately grounded to avoid such problems.

Is There A Lack Of Capacity With Knob And Tube Wiring Systems?

Many years ago, the need for electricity was much lower. Many people only had lights, televisions, and a few appliances in their homes. Today, people use more electricity than ever before. They’re using entertainment systems, advanced lighting systems, security systems, and more. If you have a knob and tube wiring system, there is a good chance that the system can’t keep up with your electrical needs. Your breakers will trip often. Replacing the system will increase its capacity.

What About Insulation Hazards?

The insulation used for knob and tube wiring systems can also be dangerous. If there is a spark, there is a good chance that the insulation will burn. Unfortunately, this problem could cause your home to burn down.

Can I Sell A Home With A Knob And Tube Wiring System?

You can possibly sell a home with a knob and tube wiring system, but it’ll be significantly harder. After all, lenders may not cover the home. Furthermore, you won’t be able to get insurance on the home in question. You’ll have to find someone with cash who is willing to take the risk. It is best to have the wiring replaced before trying to sell the home.

How To Tell If I Have Knob And Tub Wiring?

You should check the wires and compare them with pictures you can find online. Alternatively, you can work with us. At H&A Pittsburgh Electrician, we offer comprehensive home safety inspections. Call to get assistance before it is too late.

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