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As the leading electrician Pittsburgh PA families and businesses trust, we strive to offer customer-centric service and a wide range of electrical services to cover multiple requirements

Here’s the full range of services that our 5-star Pittsburgh electrician team has to offer—whether it is for a residential or commercial location:

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Do you have old electrical installations with outdated aluminum electrical wiring? Let our team step in and replace them with modern copper-based electrical installations that add safety, convenience, and power stability to the electrical infrastructure of your place.

Ceiling Fan Installation

If there’s something you expect from a ceiling fan, it is that it performs splendidly when it’s hot and you need it to work smoothly. If you call our electrical pros to have them make these installations for you, you can be sure that your fans will be functioning perfectly well and cooling down your place when it’s hot and you need them to do their magic!

Cloth Insulated Wiring

In a nutshell, cloth insulated wiring is a type of wiring that is outdated and dangerous. It’s definitely something that you need to have replaced with a modern system that is far safer and reliable. You can rely on us to get this type of help as well!

Commercial Electrician

While we’re frequently hired by homeowners in the Pittsburgh PA area to help with all sorts of electrical requirements, we also have a commercial division that is always ready to help businesses have the perfect electrical infrastructure they require.

Electric Vehicle EV Charger Installation

Do you want to prepare your home’s garage for your electric vehicle? Having an EV charger properly installed is both essential for your home and for your vehicle. Don’t take any chances—call our offices to get a superb EV Charger Installation at your home… and make sure your EV car is always powered in the right way!

Home Safety Inspection

Is there something making you feel uneasy about electrical issues at your home or business? Are you hearing strange noises coming from the wires or the panel? If there’s something you should know is that electrical problems can be a hazard for your home and your family. Why take chances? Call our electrical safety inspection team, and get the uniquely reliable insights and suggested solutions that only a highly experienced licensed professional can offer.

Generator Installations

Do you want to have a plan B to avoid being caught off guard when a power outage occurs? We can help by installing the right generator for your requirements to make sure that, whatever happens, your home or business is never left without power… even if the neighborhood’s lights are going out!

GFI Electrical Outlets

If there are certain spaces at your home or business location where electricity and water may have an undesired meeting, then you need GFI Electrical Outlets for extra safety. We could be talking about your home’s basement or your gym’s spa. We could also be talking about your garden’s outdoor outlet. In all these cases, having a GFI Electrical Outlet is essential to add safety to your electrical infrastructure.

Ungrounded Electrical Wiring

These are wiring systems that tend to be made from aluminum, and that present numerous risks to your place. Along with the insecure system they represent, they are also prone to short-circuits and other failures. This is where our wiring services are helpful: our technicians can visit your place and install new wiring that will put an end to all the shortcomings and hazards of having such outdated installations.

Home Safety Inspection

Our general electrical inspections are intended to help you understand what is the current condition of your home’s electrical infrastructure and what needs to be improved or outright replaced. If you agree with us that guessing which electrical problems your place may have is not a smart choice, then call our electrical inspectors to give you an accurate diagnostic—and point you in the right direction in terms of solutions.

House Rewire

Do you think it’s time to rewire your house? Then there are two things we can do for you: we can visit your place and confirm whether you require a full home rewiring intervention or not; and we can also have it completely handled for you based on our objective conclusions and budget-friendly recommendations.

Knob and Tube Wiring

We’re well into the 21st century, but many homes and businesses in Pittsburgh PA still have old electrical systems, namely knob and tube wiring. These pose several risks that shouldn’t be disregarded. We can help solve the potential problems caused by these systems either by inspecting their current condition and performing maintenance work, if that is what you desire, or by replacing it altogether with modern systems.

Landscape Lighting

Our outdoor lighting solutions are offered keeping two primary aspects in mind: providing state-of-the-art lighting solutions and doing so with a tasteful criteria that always matches your specifications.

Lighting Installation

The best, most reliable, and most detail-oriented lighting installation services for residential and commercial locations in Pittsburgh PA. That’s what you can expect from us.

New Circuits

You may think you need new electrical circuits at your place, but that conclusion should be obtained after a thorough evaluation conducted by one of our licensed electricians. More than just adding new circuits, you may require a new electrical panel as well. And, if that’s not necessary, you want to be sure that this is something that a certified professional asserts. Don’t worry: call our offices, and we’ll be happy to help with all these tasks.

200 Amp Service Panel Upgrade

This is a massive upgrade that should be performed from A to Z by a trusted provider of electrical services in Pittsburgh PA such as our company. We can handle the entire process for you from A to Z, and ensure compliance with any applicable regulations and good liaison with your local power company.

Panel Upgrades

Do you have an old school electrical panel at home that needs an upgrade? You’ve come to the right place—our electrical pros are here for you! We can install a modern and super reliable electrical panel to support a stable electrical infrastructure that makes your place safer and correctly powered by electricity up to today’s standards.

Property Management

Property management professionals are constantly being faced with the need of having reliable electrical contractors in Pittsburgh PA that they can turn to for emergencies, electrical inspections, or for planned interventions. If you’re a property manager, you’ll like to know that many professionals in this industry rely on us to have any electrical needs covered by our diligent services.

Remodels and Renovations

Whether you’re doing renovations or simpler remodeling works, our team of expert electrical contractors is here to help. We can replace a light fixture or completely redesign your home or business electrical infrastructure—and make any necessary changes and installations to match any specific requirements. Call our offices if you’d like to know more about how we can help.

Service Calls

Our Pittsburgh PA offices are always working to make our residential and commercial customers happy—and we’re always ready to step in and do what we do best, namely when an unexpected emergency occurs at your place. That’s right: for any electrical requirement in the Pittsburgh area, we’re always only one call away!

Smoke Detector Installation

Having a smoke detector properly installed isn’t as easy as it seems—unless of course this is a task performed by highly experienced electricians like the ones we have in our team. Do you have a new smoke detector you’d want to have perfectly installed? Call us for professional help!

Electrical Troubleshooting

Are you struggling with a short circuit? Or is there any other electric problem that your home or business is facing and you can’t quite understand what it is? It could be a simple situation that is solved by a quick light fixture replacement intervention. Or it could be something more significant that requires a more comprehensive approach. In any case, electrical troubleshooting is what we do when it comes to undertaking electrical inspections at your place.

Whole House Surge Protectors

Whole House Surge Protectors are a great investment that you should make if you want to protect your appliances and other electrical devices from power surges and their nasty effects. A well-installed Whole House Surge Protector provided by one of our certified electricians can do for your home what many individual surge protectors can never deliver. This is the comprehensive solution you’re looking for!

Residential Electrical Services

Our residential electrical services are especially designed for all types of electrical needs that homes in the Pittsburgh PA area may have. From changing lighting fixtures to performing more complex interventions, there is practically no electric service requirement we do not cover. So we’ll be thrilled to hear from you the next time you need professional support such as the one we offer.

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