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Your home’s service panel or electrical panel is very important because it is the brain of the electrical system. The panel is responsible for transmitting electricity to every outlet or plug in the home. When you open your electrical panel, you’ll find a handful of circuit breakers. The breakers manage the electricity being sent to outlets and plugs. If too much electricity is sent through one breaker, the breaker in question will trip. The safety mechanism ensures that the wires do not melt. As a result, this greatly reduces the risk of electrical fires.

Unfortunately, some homes have outdated electrical panels that are unsafe, unreliable, and insufficient. Our technicians can help replace your electrical panel.

Understanding Your Home’s Electrical Panel

It is wise for homeowners to learn more about their electrical panels. After all, you’re using your electricity every day. As a result, the panel is being used every time you turn on a light or switch on your television. The panel is similar to a tree because the electricity branches out and is sent in different directions. Eventually, the panel will send the electricity to an electrical outlet or power switch. Furthermore, the panel is very important because it controls how much electricity is sent to any outlet.

If the panel sends too much power to an outlet, the wire will probably begin melting. Unfortunately, this could lead to a house fire. Alternatively, you have to worry about touching a damaged wire because you could get electrocuted. The panel prevents this from happening. It ensures that the right amount is sent to the outlet. If too much electricity is delivered, the breaker will trip.

The electrical panel keeps you safe and protects your appliances. Remember that your service panel must have enough capacity to meet the needs of your family. If your breakers are tripping frequently, you’ll need to upgrade. Our company can help you. We offer electrical panel upgrade services. The panel is sometimes called a breaker box, fuse box, main panel, or service panel.

What To Think About When Upgrading An Electrical Panel

Do you need to upgrade your electrical panel? If you’re not changing anything in the home, you likely don’t need to upgrade. However, you will need to upgrade if one of the things is true.

  • Your existing panel doesn’t have enough capacity so it cannot keep up with your family’s electrical requirements.
  • The panel is no longer safe. If you continue using the unsafe panel, you may experience a fire or shock.

Today, consumers use more electricity than ever before. As a result, it is essential to ensure that your home’s electrical system can keep up with your needs. Ultimately, you’ll need to upgrade if you’re going to charge your EV at home. We can help ensure that your home is suitable for this purpose.

When You Need A Panel Upgrade

Even if you’re buying a new appliance, you may not have to upgrade your electrical panel. It depends on the capacity of the system and your energy requirements. If you’re replacing an old washer with a new one, you probably won’t need to upgrade. However, you should upgrade if you encounter any of these issues.

  • The breaker always trips when the appliance turns on.
  • Your breakers are tripping often.
  • You’re preparing to charge your electric vehicle at home. If you want a level 2 charger, you’ll need to upgrade.
  • You’ve noticed that your lights are dimming and flickering.
  • Even when you reset your breaker, the problem continues.
  • You’ve bought an old home with an outdated service panel.
  • Your system’s capacity isn’t enough.
  • You’re remodeling or adding a room to your home.

Call us to get assistance upgrading your panel. We’ll take care of it before you know it.

Is My Panel Too Small?

In some cases, your service panel may be too small. Ultimately, this is the case if you’re installing an air conditioner, hot tub, or EV charger. You’ll likely need to upgrade to ensure that the electrical system can support the new appliance.

Is My Current Panel Safe?

Outdated electrical panels could be unsafe. Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco panels are unsafe so they should be replaced immediately. If your electrical breakers are tripping multiple times each day, it is likely time to upgrade your panel.

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