Humming Noise From Electrical Panel

If you’re worried that something is wrong with your electrical panel, pay close attention to its scent and sound. If a humming noise is coming from your panel, it could be a sign that something is seriously wrong. However, it might not be a problem at all. It depends on the type of noise that you’re hearing. Usually, electrical systems should be quiet and efficient. They shouldn’t keep homeowners up at night.

The service panel is the brain of the operation. It brings the power into the home and sends it to every outlet and switch in the residence. It also manages how much power is delivered to each outlet. Use the information below to decide whether you should worry about the humming noise coming from your panel.

Light Buzz

You may hear a light buzz coming from your service panel. The sound might be faint so you may have to put your ear to the door to hear it. Is this something that you should worry about? Typically, it won’t be an issue. Electricity currents are similar to water. They’re going to flow until they reach the destination. Therefore, you may hear the current flowing through the panel and wires. Unless the noise gets much louder, you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

Slightly Louder Buzz

Has the humming noise gotten louder? Is it more obvious than it was previously? Have you also noticed a clicking noise or a sizzling noise? If you’re hearing these things, you may have a much bigger issue on your hands. One of the wires may have burned. It might be disconnected from the panel. Alternatively, it may have just become loose. Regardless, this problem must be addressed by a qualified electrician right away. Call H&A Pittsburgh Electrician to get it resolved.

Constant Loud Buzzing

Are you hearing a loud buzzing sound that never stops? Although it might be something else, you’re probably dealing with a faulty breaker. It should be tripping but it isn’t. The breaker might be bad. When there is a power surge, the breaker should turn off the tower to prevent fatalities and damaged appliances. If this doesn’t happen, someone could get seriously injured. The current will build. In return, this will lead to heat and buzzing.

Contact a professional immediately because this issue could be life-threatening.

In most cases, the buzzing noise is minimum and nothing to worry about. However, there is a chance that you’re dealing with a serious issue. If the noise is extremely loud and nonstop, you need to let a professional inspect the problem immediately. Otherwise, you may get electrocuted, your appliances may be destroyed, and you might experience an electrical fire. Call our office so we can send an expert to your residence to find out what is going on.

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