Whole House Surge Protectors

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Surge protectors work by diffusing excess voltage to protect connected devices and appliances. Most consumers utilize surge protectors for their personal computers and other high-ticket electronic gadgets. The surge protector has an integrated Metal Oxide Varistor “MOV” that absorbs excess voltage. While the unit is in operation 24-7, it is not activated until the voltage level increases to a preset specified level. When a higher-than-normal voltage level is detected, the surge protector MOV activates to reduce electrical resistance.

What Devices Can Be Connected To A Surge Protector

Compact surge protectors have one to six outlets. Larger units integrated with a power strip can have as many as 22 outlets. The flow of electricity is constant until the system is interrupted by a storm, malfunction, or other external force.

An increased voltage or power surge contributes to the damage of one or more devices and appliances connected to the home’s electrical system. A desktop computer tends to be one of the most expensive electronic devices in homes. Even a small-scale power surge can easily take out a personal computer in seconds. To avoid replacing an expensive PC, consumers utilize surge protectors.

All electronic devices can be connected to a surge protector.

What Is A Whole House Surge Protector (Surge Diverter)?

Compact surge protectors are designed to support up to eight devices simultaneously, leaving all the other connected components without protection. A whole house surge protector delivers full protection for all the components connected to the home’s electrical system.

Washers, dryers, ranges, microwaves, PCs, electric-powered cookware, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, heating & air conditioning units, water heaters, dishwashers, TVs, home surveillance systems, smart home devices, wine coolers, refrigerators, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures are protected during voltage increases with a whole house surge protector.

Consumers should think of it as a whole house surge protector paying for itself. The loss of a washing machine due to a power surge could easily set consumers back $600. A home surge protector would have protected the impacted appliance from damage, saving the consumer $600.

FAQs – Whole House Surge Protection Device “SPD”

How To Protect Components Connected To A Home Electrical System During A Power Surge?

A residential SPD absorbs excess (unwanted) voltage before pushing it to the ground via the copper ground wire. All components connected to the SPD are protected from internal damage and fires.

What Causes An Increase In Electricity Voltage?

Increased voltage can be the result of a faulty electrical wire, service panel, breaker, or external force like a severe thunderstorm. Electrical overloads generally occur when the power to the home is restored.

What Red Flags Point To An Imminent Voltage Increase?

People need to know the signs of an imminent power surge. The most common sign is a buzzing sound emitting from electrical switches, fixtures, and outlets. Flickering lighting fixtures, burning odor emitting from electrical outlets and switches, and soot around the prong connections.

Does H&A Pittsburg Electrician Install Whole House Surge Protectors?

Yes, our electricians are experienced in installing new and replacing faulty residential SPDs.

Do Surge Protectors Work With Ungrounded Light Switches And Receptacles?

Yes, SPDs are compatible with outlets and switches not integrated with a copper ground wire. However, we recommend replacing ungrounded electrical components to bring the home’s electrical system up to code.

What Signs Point To A Faulty Electrical Receptacle?

Outlets and receptacles provide access to the electrical system via an attached electrical cable with a 3-prong connection. Soot or melting inside or around the prong connection holes is the most common sign of a faulty outlet. Sparking when plugging in an electrical cable is another common sign.

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