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At the moment, you may find that your home’s electrical system and capacity are sufficient. However, there may come a time when this is no longer the case. You may have a baby or decide to expand your home with a new addition. Once this happens, you’ll likely need to upgrade your electrical system to add more capacity. You may believe that you can resolve this problem by adding one or two new circuits to your breaker box. While this might work, it may not.

When homes are built, the electrical panel is selected and installed to meet the current needs of the family. Therefore, there is likely limited space for improvements and upgrades. In some cases, you may not be able to install a new circuit easily. If you’re dealing with such a problem, you just need to call our office. First, you should let the professionals at H&A Pittsburgh Electrician inspect your electrical panel and evaluate your current electrical needs.

We can assemble a plan to ensure that your circuits are compatible with your current needs. You may need to upgrade your panel and add new circuits in many situations. Whether you’re adding a new appliance or building a new room, your electrical needs will increase. Therefore, you may need a new circuit.

  • Extravagant light displays for the holidays may require new circuits. If the lighting display causes your breaker to trip, consider upgrading your circuits.
  • You’ll also need to install a new circuit when adding an EV charger to your home. The charger will need a 240-volt or 120-volt circuit.
  • Adding a hot tub will also require you to upgrade your electrical system. The tub will use a lot of electricity so it is best to add a new circuit dedicated to it.
  • Finally, you’ll need to upgrade your circuits when adding a new room to your home. Your electrical panel is likely suitable for your existing home, but it won’t support another room. Upgrade the panel and circuits to ensure that the system can keep up.

You’re likely confused about circuits and whether you need to upgrade. This is understandable because most consumers know very little about residential electrical systems. Rest assured knowing that our experts are ready and willing to help. Here at H&A Pittsburgh Electrician, we’re eager to assist our clients. We can answer your questions over the phone and help you schedule an appointment.

We’re transparent and honest so you’re always going to receive prompt, truthful information from us. When you’re ready to upgrade your electrical system, call us. Our technicians will rush to your home and get the problem sorted out before you know it.

Questions About Electrical Circuits

How Can I Install A New Breaker?

Before you can install a new circuit, you’ll need to open a slot in your breaker panel. In some cases, you may not have any openings left. Be sure to work during the day because your electricity will need to be turned off. If you’re not comfortable working with electricity, don’t hesitate to call us because our professionals can take care of this for you.

What Does It Mean To Have A Dedicated Electrical Circuit?

If you have a dedicated electrical circuit, it means that the circuit is dedicated to one appliance. Certain appliances require a dedicated circuit to prevent trips and other problems. Refrigerators, dryers, stoves, and dishwashers usually require dedicated circuits. If you’re buying a new appliance, you may need to install a new circuit to support it.

What Is My Sub Panel For?

Your home may have an electrical subpanel. It is in the middle of the main panel and other outlets and switches. In some ways, it is nothing more than a mini-electrical panel. Some homes have subpanels while others do not.

What Is A Home Run?

In a residential setting, a home run is an electrical cable that runs from the breaker box to the first switch, outlet, or box.

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