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Whether you’re dealing with an electrical problem at home or the office, you’ll need to get the problem resolved right away. Doing so will remove the stress from your shoulders and allow you to get back to life. Unfortunately, some electricians aren’t in a hurry to resolve your problems. We are and we’re thrilled to provide exemplary service. Besides arriving early and getting the job done quickly, we also provide our clients with free, binding quotes.

Before the service begins, you’ll know how much you’ll have to pay.  Find out more about our free estimates below.

How To Get A Free Estimate

Getting a free estimate from H&A Pittsburgh Electrician has never been easier. The customer just needs to phone our local office to schedule an appointment. Our technicians must come to your home and inspect the problem. Once they’ve completed these steps, they can give you a free quote. We’re transparent when it comes to our prices so you can rest assured knowing that you won’t experience any hidden fees.

Our quotes are binding so the quoted price is what you’ll pay for our commercial or residential electrical service. If you’re happy with the quoted price, our technicians can go to work for you shortly.

Why Our Estimates Are Unique

At H&A Pittsburgh Electrician, our estimates are unique. We’re adamant about providing our clients with the best of everything. We strive to deliver the best service, best experience, and best prices. One way to do this is by providing free, binding estimates. Since our estimates are binding, we cannot and will not increase the price after the project is completed.

On the other hand, there are no obligations. If the customer doesn’t like our price, they can freely shop around and choose an alternative service provider. We just want what is best for our clients.

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