Residential Restoration

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A home restoration project is something every owner dreads. Depending on the extent of the project, it could take weeks or months to complete. In the meantime, the occupants are doing their best to carry on with their usual schedule.

Electrical system restoration often means the home will be without power for a specified amount of time. While it is not always necessary, vacating a home undergoing extensive electrical repairs or rehabilitation is a must. H&A Pittsburgh Electrician works with clients to ensure the highest level of convenience from start to finish.

Our goal, as well as the homeowner, is a successful electrical system restoration. Whether the restoration project entails the replacement of an outdated electrical panel with new lighting fixtures or updated lighting fixtures, switches, and outlets, we guarantee a successful outcome.

Our Residential Electrical Restoration Team

We cannot stress enough, the importance of getting to know our restoration team on a professional level. Each member of the team will be in and out of the home throughout the restoration project. There are guaranteed to be encounters with each and every occupant. Being familiar with the team can reduce any awkwardness that may occur during encounters.

Outdated Receptacle And Switch Replacement

A receptacle, better known as an outlet, provides access to the electrical system. Small homes or apartments are installed with at least one outlet in each room. Larger homes can have as many as three in each room. The number of outlets in each room is more about convenience than anything else. In other words, the state building codes do not specify the number of outlets installed in a home.

A 120-volt residential electrical receptacle is designed with a mounting bracket for wall installation. There are three screw terminals, one of which is neutral (generally identified by a silver screw). A green screw terminal supports the ground wire, a bare copper wire.

Vintage electrical plugs were not designed with ground wires like vintage electrical wiring. The ground wire introduced added protection against electrical shock in residential electrical systems. The ground wire pulls excess electrical current to the ground. Otherwise, the excess electrical current would travel along the wires to connected devices.

Vintage outlet and switch is a vital part of complete electrical system restoration.

Vintage (Outdated) Electrical Panel Replacement

Vintage electrical panels are deemed a “fire hazard.” Modern designs support single- and double-pole circuit breakers, a main copper ground wire, 110v electrical wires, 220v electrical wires, and a service disconnect.

Replacing an outdated electrical panel is a major undertaking. With our certified electricians and state-of-the-art equipment and tools, we can complete the restoration in about five hours. If the restoration includes the replacement of electrical wires, lighting fixtures, outlets, switches, and circuit breakers, the job will be extended by eight or 10 hours. We work efficiently to ensure a timely electrical restoration.

New Residential Electrical System Installation

As an electrical service provider, our team of electricians and technicians is accustomed to working with home builders, construction contractors, and subcontractors.

We install new electrical systems in new homes under construction. The home builder will notify our company when the home is ready for the electrical system installation. We arrange to have a team dispatched to the location within 24 and 48 hours of the notification.

We utilize premium-quality electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, wall switches & outlets, a main panel, a sub-panel, circuit breakers, and pure copper ground wires.

Our electrical system installation, repair, and restoration are accessible to all property owners. We encourage Pittsburgh rental property owners, homeowners, and tenants to rely on our company to bring their electrical systems up to code.

Older Electrical Systems Are A Fire Hazard

Scientific research validated the dangers of residential electrical systems installed before 1950. Vintage electrical systems are not grounded, meaning there is a high risk of electrical shock.

Most homeowners insurance companies rank homes with an ungrounded electrical system as “high-risk” buildings. A high-risk homeowners insurance premium is sometimes double or triple that of a newer home. Updating the electrical system can easily save homeowners and rental property managers at least $1,000 each year.

Dangers Of Aluminum Electrical Wiring

Copper wiring is sustainably more efficient and safer than aluminum wiring. The metals have different physical properties to make them more effective in different electrical applications.

Aluminum wiring has a high risk of corrosion due to prolonged exposure at the connection point. Exposure to the elements where the aluminum wire connects to a wall outlet or light switch can be problematic.

Copper electrical wiring expands less than aluminum wiring. In other words, it handles temperature changes more effectively.

Outdated Zinsco Electrical Service Panel

Zinsco electrical service panels are no longer installed in new homes. Homes 1990 and older are installed with a Federal Pacific Panel “FPP” or Zinsco service panel, now deemed “unsafe.”

We replace Zinsco and FPP electrical panels with modern Siemens, Square D, Leviton, and SPAN panels. Innovative service panels provide more electricity support in modern homes. Modern electronic devices, appliances, and other electricity-powered devices require significantly more power than the older alternatives.

Why Hire H&A Pittsburgh Electrician

  • We are a locally owned business
  • Our work is backed by an extended warranty
  • Our electricians are certified by the State of Philadelphia
  • We work with property owners to obtain the appropriate permits prior to the start of any work
  • We provide free written quotes per request
  • Our contractual agreement and other required documents are in paper form
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